Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: I use Nikon digital SLR cameras with multiple lenses, and have backup equipment if necessary.


Q: Do you work with an assistant?

A: Sometimes, if the package includes a second shooter. But I usually work alone. Every shot on the site was taken by me, and I move around a lot during the wedding (hopefully fairly discreetly). I don’t carry a lot of gear so I’m pretty mobile!


Q: How long can you stay to shoot?

A: With a full-day package, I like to stay until at least all of the main “events” have taken place (cake-cutting, garter toss, first dance, lots of guests busting a move). I don’t really like to fake stuff just to get it finished before I have to leave; I prefer the authenticity of doing it live.


Q: How much time do we need for photos?

A: Good question. I guess the safe answer is, “it’s up to you,” but the best advice is that if you leave a block of time for family, wedding party, and posed portraits, it will be stress-free (hopefully!) and not rushed. I usually recommend couples leave at least an hour for these to be done, unless your family is huge. And it’s always really important to have some bride & groom time, alone, away from everyone else. It’s such a busy day that it’s nice to have some quiet time for creative portraits in different spots and it leaves us with flexibility to do more. It’s always better to be done early and head back to the reception site for mingling than to be really rushed and have to hurry through your important images!


Q: Can I have coverage of bride AND groom getting ready?

A: Yes, if it works out logistically for me to bounce back and forth during the preparation. I’ve done it a number of times, and in my opinion it always makes the final images (and album) feel more balanced when there are shots of the guys getting ready to go along with the girls getting ready. Again, the organization of the day is up to you, and if distance is a factor then it might not work out (unless you wanted a second photographer for added coverage).


Q: How long until I receive my photos?

A: Contractually I give myself 12 weeks to give you the final disc, but it’s always an added bonus to finish it early. Barring any unforeseen circumstances or crazy busy wedding weekends, I usually try to finish the images in a few weeks. It does take some time, though, to comb through the thousands of photos, pick out the strongest ones, and edit them so that they look they way I feel they should look. There’s a big difference between professional-quality images that have been colour-corrected and touched up and images straight out of the camera.


Q: Do I get a disc?

A: Yup! Every couple gets a DVD with the final edits, which can range between 400-600 photos, depending on how much coverage I do throughout the day and how many images I shoot.


Q: Can I print my photos?

A: Yes you can! Each disc comes with full permission to print the images yourself or at any local printer. You can also burn copies of the DVD for friends and family if you’d like (and it’s encouraged that you make your own backup copy of the DVD for storage).


Q: How long do you keep my images?

A: I keep them for two years, and my closet is getting pretty full of DVD spindles and hard drives.


Q: Can I get my photos in black and white?

A: When I’m going through the images and making edits, I’ll occasionally edit one into black and white (there are a few in the galleries) but I really prefer colourful images. If you have a strong preference to black and white, though, let me know and I’ll make sure to include a bunch on the final disc.


Q: How would you describe your shooting style?

A: This is the hardest question ever. I’m pretty laid back, and I think I do a mix of candid, photojournalism-type stuff, and creative portraiture. I’m pretty trigger happy and shoot a high volume throughout the day, and I try not to give a lot of direction while things are happening. If I can blend in and no one really notices me then I’m pretty happy with that. During portraits I give a bit more directing to make sure people stay on track and things can get finished efficiently.


Q: Can I give you a shot list?

A: Yes, but my preference is to work without one. If there are certain shots that you really want to have, let me know and I’ll do my best to get it during the course of the day. I think I’m more of a go-with-the-flow kind of photographer, and I react to what’s already in front of me without having to create certain things.


Q: I’m shy and don’t like having my photo taken!

A: Me neither. It’s always kind of awkward at first being in front of a camera (unless you’re already a model), but usually after the first 100 photos or so people forget I’m even there. Doing engagement shoots is one way of breaking the ice so that you can get comfortable in front of the lens and we can establish a bit of a rapport. It’s cool to get to know people before the wedding day because it can steer the direction of the photos.


Q: Are travel expenses included?

A: Yes they are! If your wedding is not in the Kingston area, there is no additional charge on top of the package price for travel or accommodations.