Renaissance Event Venue, Kingston Ontario WeddingsMarch 14, 2011

Here are some photos from a few different weddings I’ve shot at the Renaissance Event Venue in Kingston!  It’s one of my favourite reception halls to shoot at because it always looks great in photos and it has such a nice, intimate atmosphere.  I love the stained glass windows and the details on their tables and chairs.  They also have a pretty cool cocktail lounge downstairs where people can mingle while the bride and groom are taking photos with their photographer.  The staff is great and the food is always awesome.  Aaaaaand they have their own built-in projector and projection screen, which I’m a huge fan of because I like to show slide shows during the reception of photos from the first half of the day.  So everything is already there and ready to go!  If you’re looking for a great venue in town, definitely check out the Renaissance!  285 Queen Street, Kingston, Ontario.  Phone 613-530-2550 for information and reservations.

Don't be fooled by the iron gates -- The Renaissance is warm and welcoming!

Looking down from the balcony at the Renaissance Event Venue in Kingston.

The Renaissance staff does a fantastic job setting things up!

The main hall again.

The Renaissance has such a fantastic ambiance.

The Renaissance knows wine.

Wedding glasses and menus.

Drinky McDrinkerson.


Mmmm... the Renaissance cooks fantastic food, too!

Bride and groom kiss during a speech at their wedding reception.

The fireplace and mantle behind the bride and groom is a nice touch.

Laughs and good times!


Plenty of laughs!


This is a bride and groom's first dance at the Renaissance Event Venue in Kingston, Ontario.

I love cake. Cakey cake cake.

Don't just stand there, bust a move!

The Renaissance equals one big dance party.

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